Into the Mystic

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And Welcome.

I assume you’re here at this point because you are either:

a) a friend or family member

b) a patient

c) a friend or family member of a patient

Regardless, I’m delighted.

This website has been a long time coming, and has seen me have to work through some emotional resistance to claiming my domain, and declaring my presence.

I don’t presume to be doing it “better” than anyone else - I just know that I am doing alright by me. And that many of the things that I have studied and learned have had a positive impact in my life, with my patients, and my community. The title of expert is one I am uncomfortable with, in spite of all this knowledge I’ve put time and resources into acquiring over the years.

Although I can hardly believe it, I’ve been in the medical, health and wellness, coaching, and now small business ownership fields for more than a decade now.

In this time I’ve treated hundreds of patients, taught fitness classes in 3 major cities, lectured at dozens of events, support groups, and corporate engagements, learned how to own and operate a business, had numerous ups and downs - personally and professionally, and have built myself a wonderful kula of teachers, healers, students, practitioners, visionaries, mentors, guides, angels, and humans.

Even though it seems like a lifetime ago, I can vividly recall the first time I tried Acupuncture, the first yoga class I attended, and the very first Friday night of Grad School that we spent learning about Qi, reading together aloud from those thick textbooks, our tongues twisting around the unfamiliar words that would become foundational to the new language we were learning to speak…

It’s an interesting space I occupy, as a yoga instructor and practitioner of Chinese Medicine - I am sharing ancient wisdom from cultures that are not my own. It’s complicated to hold space for presence, intentionality and equanimity in the lightning-fast world of 5G, microwaves, and automation, and more convoluted to do so as a white woman who has stumbled on these traditions through audacity and luck.

I will try as best I can to be awake and aware. I am open, and want to learn.

As a student and practitioner I have the benefit of thousands of years of wisdom and tradition that have come before me - if you happen to believe like I do that more is not always more, and that the rate at which things are changing isn’t leaving us the time or space to study the impact. Maybe you’re not sold yet, but you’re willing to entertain - I hope to be an honest and understanding mirror for you to hold it up to.

In the past 7 years I have accomplished many of the things that I set out to do as a brick-and-mortar proprietor of a healthcare clinic, Collaborative Care Seattle. But my mission is bigger than can be contained by these four walls.

I am now stepping into this unseen realm to further explore our universal and cosmic connections, the wonder of the human body, and the miracle it is to be a person here, alive, today.

I hope to share with you the things I’ve found in a meaningful and productive way. To present this information, so that you might find the strength in your own truth, and the courage to live it - in love, respect, and kindness. I’ll post recipes, activities, exercises and lifestyle habits that I’ve seen work in practice time and time again, and share favorite classes, haunts, books, strategies, and the things I am working through and on myself.

We’ll talk about the pretty, and the nitty-gritty of being a spiritual being housed in a body. I am here, wholly and imperfect, committed to enjoying the ride.

With Love,


Carie Martin