Woo + Wellness

Woo and Wellness (1).png

I have the privilege and honor of leading a breakout session of 32 people this Saturday at the Woo + Wellness event at Thinkspace in Westlake, Seattle. It’s an event focusing on the more esoteric, and often overlooked components of well-being.

I’m really proud to be a part of a community of people who care about not just the standard metrics of health, but about the EXPERIENCE of being a person in t today’s world - how we can buffer against the barrage of information coming at us on a daily basis, and build better interpersonal connections to find more satisfaction and JOY.

The humans involved in putting this event together, and the professionals that they have assembled are just some really good ones. For one of the last few spots, or just to read about the cool things going on in Seattle, check out the link below!



Carie Martin