Meet Carie Martin, M.S.Ac, Certified Health Coach

Carie Martin, M.S.Ac, Certified Health Coach

Carie Martin, M.S.Ac, Certified Health Coach


First and foremost, I consider myself a seeker - of knowledge and information, of what’s behind and beyond, of how to meld these worlds I occupy and apply the understanding to my daily life…

I am a born-and-raised Californian, the descendant of both outlaws and uprights, as so many of those who possess this pioneer spirit are. The clean lines dividing the social constructs of the East slowly blur across America into the fluidity of the ocean when you’ve gone as far as you can go. My view west was that of the horizon, which represented limitless possibilities as to what else may exist “out there,” and what it meant to change form like that from land to sea. 

I am also a scientist.

I grew up an athlete and an academic. The daughter of an attorney, and a product of my environment, I appreciate logic and reason, research, explanation, and diagnosis. I have worked in the realm of medicine for over 15 years, first in the allopathic (traditional) side of things, then all in on Eastern Medicine (the complimentary) one. And now, like a pendulum, I have settled somewhere in the middle. 

I have come to this place through metamorphosis…

natural and supernatural, which has been humbling and painful. There are things I cannot change, and there are all the ones I wouldn’t if I could. I just know now that I can try - to do better by my patients, to be better in my daily life. I can work to empower people around their health and wellness. To talk about the way their spirit is feeling in their body, and how to apply the wonderful wisdom shared with me in my study of Chinese medicine.

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