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About Carie Martin, M.S.Ac, Certified Health Coach


"First and foremost, I consider myself a seeker - of knowledge and information, of what’s behind and beyond, of how to meld these worlds I occupy and apply the understanding to my daily life. I work to empower people around their health and wellness, and help them find their mojo - that inner magic we all possess.”


Acupuncture + Chinese Medicine

You inner alchemy is about understanding your own needs and truths (mental, physical and emotional) and in turn learning how to express and balance them so you can live in personal and social harmony. Work with Carie to find that balance through Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Health Coaching.

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Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Whether it’s increased health and vitality, a recent medical diagnosis, or simply desiring a change, you can feel and function better by working with Carie for at Nutrition and Lifestyle reset. Available for individuals, families, or organizations. 

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Essential Oils

Carie harnesses the natural power of plant medicine in her treatments and also offers classes and workshops. Learn more about using oils for your health, and how to access Carie’s pure therapeutic-grade oils.

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Kind Words

“Carie cares about her patients and connects with
them on their terms to help them heal and find relief. She is more
than an acupuncturist, she's an advocate for my well-being.”